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Registry Builder

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Registry Builder is a piece of software designed to create and manage web-based medical registries. It is based on a content management system that lets non-technical users create and manage an electronic medical registry without learning any HTML or programming. With Registry Builder, create your own medical registry in minutes, even if you’ve never installed a web script before.

Note: you need to have your own website to run this software.

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1 review for Registry Builder

  1. Andreas Lazaris

    We use Registry Builder in our National Vascular Registry, HEVAR. Using this software we have created several modules each one regarding a different area of Vascular Surgery (i.e. Aortic Aneurysms Disease, Carotid Disease, Lower Limb Ischemia etc).

    Each user can login in our Portal with his unique personal username/password, and can have access to his personal data only. This way the Registry does not serve only as an overall data recording tool but also as a private logbook for each user. Its responsive character allows using the software with a mobile phone or a tablet, for data view on the go.

    We have also created reports, which are automatically updated, hourly. We have linked some of them to Datawrapper. This provides us with some nice real-time diagrams, tables, charts and maps being presented in our website, with data retrieved continuoulsy from the Registry databases. By using the Registry Builder together with Datawrapper, we have created a descriptive, interactive and user-friendly Dashboard page.

    It is really a great product which I highly recommend.

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