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RCT Builder is a software designed to create and manage a Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT). It is based on a content management system that lets non-technical users create and manage an RCT without learning any HTML or programming. With RCT Builder, create your own customized RCT profile in minutes, even if you’ve never installed a web script before.

Just unzip the file and copy its content in a specific directory of your server, using a standard FTP procedure. You don’t need to be a programmer: even a novice web developer can easily create a custom system for managing your study.

Note: you need to have your own website to run this software.

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Name: RCT Builder
Version: 3.04 (Released: Aug 13, 2021)
Requires:  Standalone software for website installation
Single Price:  €299.00
Download:  You must purchase a license to download this software

Key Features

It’s Fast

  • One page/one minute install process
  • Create a custom Randomized Controlled Trial content in under 10 minutes (no training required)
  • Update your website instantly with your new custom CMS

It’s Easy to Use

  • A simple interface means less user training time
  • Setup requires only basic HTML skills, no programming is needed
  • End-users require no technical skills, just click, type, and “Save”

Amazing Support

Private Label Version

  • One page/one-minute rebranding process

You control what’s on the menubar

(This is an example of the menu bar. You can add more options to your menu according to your needs)

Built-in Section Editors

Create and customize as many editors as your site requires. Choose from 11 predefined types or create your own.

  • Randomization List
  • Randomizations
  • Detailed Data
  • About Us
  • Quotes & Testimonials
  • Staff Bios
  • Custom… (easily build custom editors)

User Management

  • Create unlimited user accounts
  • Specify which sections each user can update
  • Optional account expiration

Advanced Users…

  • Easily add your own PHP code
  • Easily customize MySQL queries
  • Clean, simple code makes it easy to extend

Web Admin features

  • Slick user-friendly interface design
  • AJAX features for instant page updates without reloading
  • Realtime drag-and-drop sorting of fields and section editors
  • Pop-up lightboxes for simple editing of fields and data
  • Responsive admin interface built with Bootstrap framework

Powerful Field Editor

Customize your section editors with eight different field types, each with its own special options.

  • text field
  • textbox
  • date/time
  • pulldown
  • radio
  • checkbox
  • upload

Powerful Cross-Browser WYSIWYG

Works just like a word processor in all the modern mainstream browsers.

Input Validation Rules

Specify exactly what content is allowed in each field with input validation rules:

  • Make a field required
  • Allow unique values only
  • Minimum/maximum number of characters
  • Specify what characters are allowed (only numbers, etc)
  • Custom rules for uploads, such as file extension, image size, and thumbnail dimensions

Advanced Image Handling

  • Oversized images are automatically resized
  • Thumbnails are automatically created
  • Upload and position images with the WYSIWYG editor

Publishing Features

  • A hidden option lets you hide content that’s still in progress – then set as live to instantly make it public.
  • Publish Start Date lets you queue up content to automatically go live on the specified date.
  • Publish End Date lets you specify a date to automatically expire content and take it offline.

Rock Solid Open Source Foundation

Built on proven, popular open-source technologies (PHP, MySQL, TinyMCE, jQuery, Bootstrap).


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