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The plugin makes it possible to quickly and easily generate the code to create front-end website forms for adding records to the database. The forms are created based on the fields and validation rules in a Section Editor.

Whether they are contact forms, quote requests, product inquiries, timeclock reports, or just any kind of form where you need to capture user input and add it to a CMS database. You can use this plugin to rapidly create unlimited forms without any programming skills required.

We’ve even got options to limit form access to only logged in users (requires website membership). Or for advanced users, you can create edit forms to allow users to update previously created content (such as an edit profile page).

Forms generated use Bootstrap 3 styles but can also be styled as needed with changes to the form code.

The following form fields are supported:
– Text field
– Text box
– drop down list
– drop down list with multi-select
– checkboxes,
– radio buttons
– date fields
– WYSIWYG (only supported as text fields)
– Upload Fields (not yet supported)

Error checking and input validation code is automatically generated to match the settings in your section editor, including:
– Required fields (must have content)
– Check for unique value (not the same as another record)
– Check for minimum number of characters
– Check for maximum number of characters
– Check for specifically allowed characters
– Check for specifically disallowed characters

Whether you want to save time creating the forms, or start offering this as a new service to your customers, this plugin makes it easy. Give it a try!

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Name:  Form Generator
Version: 1.01 (Released: Jan 27, 2017)
Requires:  RCT Builder v3.10 or Registry Builder v3.54
Single Price:  €179.95 €89.95
Download:  You must purchase a license to download this add-on


Instantly create front-end web forms for adding or updating content into your RCT Builder or Registry Builder database. Automatically generate all the form code needed based on an existing section (eg: News, Reviews, Quote Request, etc).

Key Features

  • Contact form
  • Request quote form
  • Service/Product reviews
  • Service/Product ratings
  • Bug tracking
  • Feature requests
  • Surveys
  • Support Request form
  • Registrations
  • Bookings
  • Request for more information on product/service
  • Submit testimonials
  • Simple order requests
  • Enter vehicle fleet details (mileage, service, etc)
  • Staff hours
  • Really any data can be collected from users


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