All our plugins have been created to extend the functionality of our solid softwares, RCT Builder and Registry Builder, as additional components. They cannot be used as standalone programs, but only together with the main softwares. We offer a wide selection of plugins that make it simple to customize our sofwares on a site-by-site basis.

Licenses are of unlimited use, allowing the use of each plugin on multiple sites.

Αvailable plugins

Form Generator v1.01Unlimited Use: €179.95 €89.95 only

updated Jan 27, 2017  

Instantly create front-end web forms for adding or updating content into your CMS Builder database. Automatically generate all the form code needed based on an existing section (eg: News, Reviews, etc). 

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Developer Console v1.06Unlimited Use: Free

updated Jun 16, 2017  

Allows you execute MySQL queries, command shell queries, and PHP code and view their output directly from within the CMS. For advanced users only!

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