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RCT Demo Mode

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Hi everyone

Would you like to find out whether RCT Builder is what you are looking for? Now, you can try our Demo Mode. This is a complete RCT Builder demo mode with almost all software's functionalities.

The following restrictions are in place while in demo mode:

  • A separate copy of the database is created for each demo visitor.
  • Demos are automatically removed after 60 minutes.
  • Visitors can't see each others changes.
  • Visitors can't change any admin settings.
  • Visitors can't see MySQL login details or license product keys.
  • Visitors can't upload files or delete existing uploads.
  • Visitors CAN add, modify and remove records.
  • Visitors CAN see their changes in the viewers.


If you have any question, post it in this forum and we will be happy to answer.