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Announcing RCT Builder!

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Hello all!

We are proud to announce the release of our first product: RCT Builder.

RCT Builder lets you build a custom Randomized Controlled Trial Management System in literally minutes. That’s right minutes! It even generates the code for you to paste in your pages.

You can create an unlimited amount of “editor menus”. And you have complete control over which users can update which section.

The code generator literally does the work for you. It creates all the code, all you need to do is paste it into your page.

A little backstory on this. It’s build on the latest technology, like PHP 5, MySQL 5, jQuery, we even have cool visual effects and AJAX too. New fields slide in and out of view when you add or remove them, the field editor floats into view when you need it. It’s really cool.

And boy is it fast! We decided to make the switch to PHP with the one, and every server we’ve tried you can notice a huge difference. Most pages load in a tenth of a second, and AJAX updates are even faster because we’re only updating a tiny portion of the page.

We have a lot more in store for this. This is really just the beginning, but you’ll want to try this one out as soon as possible.

You can now get RCT Builder at a special introductory price of €2.99, instead of the regular price of €299.90.

Our entire team is backing this one, and we’re so excited to be able to share it with you.

Post in this forum and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have or help you out however we can.