The software has been developed to work with virtually every single web server environment (Linux, Windows, and more). We’re confident you can run the software on your website, but if you want to make sure, here are the system requirements:

  • Website – The software has to be installed on the actual computer that hosts your website, which can be a dedicated server, shared server or virtual server. You can access the software from any PC using a web browser.
  • PHP 7.1+ – Our software works with any PHP version released in the last 4 years. Just make sure you have the following common PHP extensions (almost every host has these or will install them on request).
    • mysqli – Allows PHP to connect to mysql (improved extension)
    • gd – Graphics functions for creating thumbnails and resizing images
    • curl – A client-side URL transfer library for connecting to remote websites, services and APIs
    • openssl – Support for accessing secure https and ssl web pages and encrypted content
    • mbstring – Support for multi-byte characters and UTF-8 (internet standard for storing content)
  • MySQL 5.5+ – Our software works with any MySQL version released in the last 10 years.
  • Write Access – You must be able to make files and directories writable on your web server. If the software doesn’t have write access it won’t be able to update its data files.

Sample Email for asking your host if they support these features:
Hello Web Host!

I’m interested in running some web software from and I was wondering if you support the following features:

– PHP v7.1+
– PHP Extensions: mysqli, gd, curl, openssl, mbstring
– MySQL v5.5+
– File Write Access (the script needs to update files)

Can you let me know?

If you’re not sure whether your web server meets the listed requirements, contact us for assistance.

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